Pregnant and Rocking the Coolest Outfits

Pregnant and Rocking the Coolest Outfits


Many of you probably think about pregnancy as a time when you’re forced to wear horrible clothes, all loose-fitting so they can hide the belly and extra weight, with plain designs and an overall boring appeal. But let me tell you you’re wrong. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Pregnancy can also mean some super fun nine months in which you get to experiment with colours, fabrics and new designs. At least that’s what the bloggers do! Have you seen Chiara Ferragni, Leandra Medine, Eva Chen, Mira Duma, Veronika Heilbrunner and even Kim K? They all looked so gorgeous during their pregnancies! So let’s get some inspo from them, shall we?

Chiara was all about a casual and super cool off-duty style, with comfortable pieces (all branded, of course!), fun details, bright colours mixed with pastels, prints, basically anything you would wear when you’re not pregnant! My advice? Buy the pieces you love, not from the maternity line, but from the regular collections and just go up some sizes until you find that perfect fit. How simple is that?

Mira Duma, on the other side, was all about maxi dress, plain or printed, in precious fabrics. While using coats, she always made sure to proudly show her belly. No hiding here. And she’s right! We have to stand tall and proud, why would be want to hide our precious bellies?

Now let’s have a look at Eva Chen. Prints when you’re bigger than you usually are? Yaaas, queen! That’s a fun way to enjoy your pregnancy. Go for the prints you love: wether it’s floral and pretty, a provocative animal print, retro polka dots, something plaid and colorful, anything goes. The perfect accessory? A big smile and a positivity.

See, told ya! Pregnancy fashion can be sooo fun, let’s just open our hearts and minds to endless possibilities.

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