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Festival Beauty Trends to Make the Girls Wink

As promised, my festival series doesn’t stop with the outfit inspiration. I specially curated for you some really cool inspo in terms of makeup and hair, so you can create a beautiful look for this summer’s festivals.

Don’t just think about the outfits; many times a good makeup or a cool hairstyle can elevate your entire look, even without using other accessories. Some are easy and you can do them at home, some might require a bit of help for your best friend, the makeup artist or the hair stylist, but hey…what are they there for? Let the experts do their job and help us achieve these wonderful looks. Ready?

Go glossy

Glossy makeup, that kind of wet look, but not for hair – for face. Think of a really fresh face, like you would just get your head over water at a pool. But the flawless version. This makeup looks amazing, makes your skin feel fresh and relaxed, and by using an eyeshadow that compliments your eye colour you can nail the look easily.

Colour block me

We’re talking about eyes here, of course. Go for matte eyeshadows in strong colours for a more geometrical look; choose one or maximum two shades. If you feel bold and you keep the rest of your makeup muted, opt for three colours. Go shimmery if you’re an expert in blending and you’re looking to achieve a Hawaiian sunset type of look.

Sequins all over

Sequins look amazing! It’s just like glitter, only bigger and bolder. Makeup sequins come in a variety of shapes, colours and sizes so I am sure you will find something to love! From little hearts to stars, to traditional rounded shapes, these are the perfect festival choice.


Don’t just keep your glitter on your eyes, go below, to your lips. I know, it makes drinking a bit difficult, but what are straws for? Now it’s time to use one. Use glitter on your skin too – don’t exaggerate though – it looks great on your chest, back, and even a bit on your arms. Not feeling it? Try with a bit of highlighter instead.

Khaleesi braids

Inspired by who else but the Mother of Dragons, these braids guarantee you will stand out from the crowd. The longer your hair, the better. Keep your braids as voluminous as possible.

Under eye glitter

Ok, this is officially a thing. Use a tiny line of glitter just under your eyes, for a subtle but super cool effect. It simply makes your eyes pop.

Which one is your favourite? I would most definitely go for the Khaleesi braids and for a bit of under eye glitter. They even work together!



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