Festival outfits

The festival season has started and I bet you’re already starting to plan your outfits and beauty routine, am I right? Because I love you guys, I did a bit of research and put together few of my favourite festival looks and beauty tips so you can be your best version and feel like a star when attending these super-fun events. I will start a short series which I am sure you’re going to love, so let’s get on with festival fashion.


A huge hit, denim is now worn for day or night, for cocktails, business meetings or festivals. Literally everywhere. There’s no limit when it comes to wearing denim, that’s why for many years, it’s still the favourite trend when it comes to festivals.

Opting for an all-denim look is always a great idea, and by accessorising it with modern, on trend accessories you can make it look gorgeous! Think mom jeans, micro tops, dungarees, all worn with dad sneakers, long sport socks and sporty accessories for a cool, hipster vibe or just keep it simple and pretty with a pair of canvas shoes or leather boots and statement earrings.

 This year, elevate you denim looks by mixing in crocheted pieces – think Woodstock. Whether it’s crocheted shorts and a denim top or a knitted dress and and an oversized denim jacket, make sure to bring a bit of hippieness to your denim. Hippie-inspired accessories are a must.


Prints are always a great idea when it comes to festival fashion: you can always get an on trend look, based on your personality and personal taste. Opt for polka dots for a retro, feminine vibe, paired with platform espadrilles, for checkered sets if you’re a 90’s fan ( I am talking about crop tops and high-waisted trousers), go prim and pretty with tiny floral prints and military boots or go crazy with fruit-prints or colourful stripes! No matter your choice, choose cool sunglasses that will totally make the most of your outfit.


Probably the most important bit! This year is definitely all about accessories. If you’re going big on this section, be modest when it comes to the rest of your look. Think of your outfit as a blank canvas: take a white silky cami dress an example. It can be boring, or you can add western boots in snake texture, go for tiny cat-eye or rectangular glasses in a bright yellow, add some fabulous earrings, a statement bum bag, glittery hair and a cool makeup and you’ll be the queen of the festival! P.S.: Think of your hair and makeup as the most important accessories.

And keep an eye on my blog for beauty festival trends to follow!



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