Winner at Digital Divas Awards 2018

This year has been a magical one so far, and that is all because of you!

Yes, I am talking about you my dear followers, the ones who share with me their love, kindness and appreciation every single day. I must admit, it’s been a journey, not an easy one, but one that  is worth every single second!

One of my biggest realisation for this year was winning the 1st place at Digital Divas Awards, for the category Young Diva in Fashion Blogging. That’s me. I couldn’t be happier for that, and for that I bow before you. Thank you! This award, and not only, it encourages me to want more, to fight more, to gift you guys with the coolest articles, outfits and videos. You all deserve it.

Being at Digital Divas was super fun, my heart was beating so fast with emotion and my knees were shaking badly when I walked up on the stage to get my award but these memories are to be kept and cherished forever. I wore a dress from Nicholas that best described my mood on the day and a pair of Gucci sandals, which I adore.

The day was gorgeous in all its details and it feels so good to have your efforts acknowledged and rewarded. Being a blogger is not an easy job, but it’s still a job. It might not feel like a job, because I am doing what I love the most and for that I consider myself a very lucky human being.

Stay with me, I promise you’ll love every single thing I’m preparing for you! Let’s #slay.



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