Raise a hand if you love Elle magazine. I bet you give it a read every single month, and you’re waiting for it to hit the newsstands as dearly as you wait for your monthly income to hit your bank account, isn’t that correct? I am sure it is.

Just imagine how Elle Media Awards, their yearly award ceremony for those who make a difference in the media sector, feels for those involved. Most probably like a smaller versions of the Oscars, the Romanian version. When nominated, you feel like you’re living a miracle. Then you start worrying about what to wear, your hair, your makeup, how to create a unique apparition, to be yourself, feel confident and look like a million dollars at the same time.

That’s what I was going through when I found out I was nominated for the Best Newcomer category.

Looking back and winning the award I was nominated for, a sense of tremendous joy floods my body. Yup, it feels like winning a smaller, Romanian versions of the Oscars. With such a team as Elle Romania has, it feels like a blessing to be among the winners. A huge thanks you goes again, to every single one of you. Thank you for sticking with me, for sharing your love, appreciation and good vibes with me. It feels like we’re all part of one big family, so let’s celebrate the victory together. And continue to fight with our best weapons, of course: style, attitude, grace, best articles, quality in every single aspect. Quality over quantity, that’s what will always win.

In case you were wondering, at the amazing Elle Media Awards, where I felt like a star, I wore a Murmur dress Balenciaga sneakers and earrings. These sneakers are the most comfortable ever and they elevate every single outfit, I simply love them. But I love you guys more.

Thank you once again, we’re one big family that together will always #slay!



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