The unique fashion icon Diana Vreeland

In the extraordinary presence of Alexander Vreeland, the exclusive perfumes Diana Vreelandwere officially launched in Romania on Tuesday, September 18, 2018, being exclusively distributed to Elysée perfumes.

In a world where fashion and luxury have become an important part of each of us, the legacy of Diana Vreeland is addressed to beauty lovers everywhere.

An iconic figure of the 20th century, Diana exerted a strong influence on fashion, and the perfume line created by Alexander Vreeland, her nephew, in honour of his grandmother, only continues the story of one of the most important female figures of the last century: “ To have style. It helps you wake up in the morning. It’s a way of life. Without style, you’re nothing “, said Diana Vreeland in one of her famous and memorable quotes.

I do not have to remember you that Diana Vreeland was a brilliant editor, curator, writer, but first of all, she was a woman who dared to change the rules, leaving behind a world full of elegance, style and beauty. In the 26 years of being a fashion editor for Harper’s Bazaar and in her nine years of acting as editor-in-chief of Vogue, she had absolutely impressive achievements and an unparalleled reputation.

Every perfume in this collection combines the most expensive and noble ingredients in a high mastery, state of the art perfume: “Famous perfumers such as Carlos Benaim, Pascal Gaurin, Yves Cassar, Celine Barrel managed to imprint to the Diana Vreeland perfume line my grandmother’s particularly strong spirit, in a modern and sophisticated setting, “said Alexander Vreeland.

Devastatingly Chic, Smashingly Brilliant, Simply Divine, Full Gallop, Wildly Attractive, Vivaciously Bold, Outrageous Vibrant, Perfectly Marvelous, Extravagance Russe, Absolutely Vital, Staggeringly Beautiful are the perfume-story of Diana Vreeland that can be found now and in Romania, exclusively at Elysée.

Which is your favourite?

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